A Chilled Summer Set

Lightspeed Champion plays the opening slot on the Main Stage of this year's O2 Wireless Festival Friday. His playful blend of indie twee with a sweet instrumental edge is the perfect way to kick start a mellow afternoon as early arrivals claim their spot on the grass and chill to Dev's fine array of pop fun. The singer is kitted out in his rather quirky fur hat and full of enthusiasm. Tunes like 'Tell Me What's It's Worth' with jaunty melodies and heavy bass to bolster them, ring out across the park as the occasional burst of neon lights accentuate the sparkling highlights.

Lightspeed Champ blusters through his set, stopping to point out that he's trying not to talk as much between songs to leave time for heckling because if you jump straight into each song you can fool yourself into thinking that you've had a great set, luckily the crowd seem to be reacting well enough today and the only heckling is of the friendly, encouraging kind, and someone asking where Dev got his hat from. Luckily it was a present so we won't see a surge of imitators on the streets after the show. The sweet, 'No Surprise' sees Dev on keyboard with violins and keys buoying the sweet tune along and it's nice to simply relax and take in the pleasant melodies. The closer, 'Midnight Surprise' is preceded by various Star Wars themes on violin and then with the full band and flashing lights, it's great fun and a climactic end to a good, if not revolutionary set.