Top Stuff From The Queen Banshee

Siouxsie receives one of the warmest welcomes so far in the Sandisk Stage tent as she gets onstage in shades and a PVC catsuit with silver thigh high boots, oozing retro sex appeal. The vocals are initially a little lost in the grinding guitar work, coming out as a rather indecipherable wail, but this improves a little as the set goes on. The singer receives a bunch of red roses on stage, which is the cue for another round of applause from the highly excitable crowd. The 80's electro synth rushes and yowls, mixed with grinding, glam rock riffs get the audience moving while Siouxsie works the stage with elegant energy, strutting up and down with catlike moves and whiplash circles of the hips. 'Here Comes That Day' is a highlight with moaning chorus and storming riffs; the shimmying beat of 'Christine' also gets a rapturous rouse of applause and further frisson of dancing. The closer, 'Happy House' reaches the giddiest peak though with its haunting guitar harmonics and instantly catchy tune.

Siouxsie's performance is still as fabulous, exotic and enticing as in her heyday and her music still gets the crowd moving, although it is the old hits rather than her new material that really gets the best reception. To say that Siouxsie's fans are enthusiastic would be an understatement as they practically roar the roof down at times, showing that the singer still has what it takes.