Summer Fun

Hype is a truly wonderful thing; despite having only two singles to their name, Black Kids manage to pack the Sandisk Stage tent full, almost quadrupling the amount of people in attendance for the previous band, The Rascals - and they had Alex Turner onstage! Maybe it's just that Black Kids seem like they could be good summer fun whatever they play as their jagged, colourful pop chaos blasts through the tent. Some of the crowd seem initially more curious than into the majority of the tunes, but it's easy to be won over by the catchy melodies and dancey beats of tracks like, "I've Underestimated My Charm Again" and the cute chaos of another track which begins with the vocal line, "Bah bah bing bing boo" and sprinkles of tambourines. 'Hurricane Jane' of course goes down well with plenty of whoops, as does the groove-heavy ''Listen To Your Body Tonight" with its raucous flood of synths. The band get the band moving easily as they dance freely around the stage themselves, full of energy in a way that resembles The Go! Team. ''I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend' is definitely the climax of the set, already a summer pop gem.

Black Kids put on a great, fun-filled performance that charms the large crowd and gets everyone in a summery mood and full of dancing spirit. Their music might be slightly haphazard in sound but it's got the energy and excitement that counts live.