Bluesy Fun To Chill To

American surfer and musician Donavon Frankenreiter has no job pulling a crowd to the Sandisk tent due to horrendous weather conditions outside. Thankfully his music is pleasant enough for most of those huddling at the back to at least enjoy it, and others to be converted enough to start some involuntary swaying or dancing. Donavon plays soulful, bluesy jazz with colourful guitars and smooth, sultry vocals that soothes away the ills of the foul weather. He engages the crowd into a sing a-long for several tracks with simpler vocal chants, although he does seem to have a fair few staunch fans at the front singing every word anyway. There are a few numbers with more atmospheric instrumentals; rippling cymbals and burbling, echoing guitars lead into one track which turns out to be a funked-up jazzy number, before a long, sultry instrumental with ballsy bass solo tips the tune at least to the ten minute mark. The crowd seem to be lapping the mood up happily as Frankenreiter sings about, "Life, love, laughter" and the rain eventually subsides to fit in with his mellow vibes. The set finishes with Frankenreiter launching himself right into the crowd, who gleefully welcome him with open arms.