A Hit-Packed Set

Of the estimated 12’000 Brits at Benicassim, most are probably trying to cram into this inadequately sized tent for Hot Chip. This is underestimation on a grand scale, outside could, and probably should, have been host to an epic rave but inside seems congested. Every vantage point is taken and even from the elevated rows at the side it’s questionable how far the crowd is going back outside. Not that anyone is particularly bothered about a view.
If they could they would see that lead singer Alexis Taylor looks more suited to attending a job interview at a bank than commander in chief to bedlam but then appearances will prove deceiving.

Like any reputable dance act they drag out their hits to keep the audience salivating in anticipation. As a succinct sequence of drum beats finally falls into place and punters realise what is coming utter chaos ensues. Put simply, Over and Over creates one mass body of bouncing torsos from front to as far back as the eye can see. Ready For The Floor takes its time, standing at the edge with its pint in hand before dipping into the pandemonium with its funky self. They close on a cover of Prince’s Nothing Compares To You that has to be witnessed to be believed but then you would say that for the most unlikely looking rave champions.