I say old chap

Last Shadow Puppets was always going to be an interesting one for me as despite them having a UK number 1 album I hadn’t actually heard any of the material before today. Given that Last Shadow Puppets is the side project of Arctic Monkeys front man Alex Turner and Miles Kane of Rascals it wasn’t a surprise that as with many acts on the indie orientated NME stage they successfully manage to fill the tent.

With Kane & Turner smartly dressed, some ambient lighting and a mini orchestra behind them the first impressions are much more of a show rather than a normal gig and this is backed up by the material. There is a much darker and experimental feel to Last Shadow Puppets than either of the two bands that they have come from and it works well. Shades of 60s psychedelic pop come through in many of the songs giving the set a lightweight and laid back feel. A definite highlight is probably recent single ‘Standing Next to Me’, which is rapturously received by the crowd. The orchestral backing really does add an extra dimension and overall it’s an impressive performance.

The only criticism perhaps is that without the setting and the backing the songs probably wouldn’t have anywhere near the same effect but tonight it all comes together nicely and the last song (the title of which escapes me) is particularly anthemic and wouldn’t feel out of place in a Bond movie! Good stuff and a pleasant surprise given that I’m no fan of Turner and Kanes main bands.