A set of headlining proportions at 6 in the evening

The unstoppable jugganaught that is Pendulum live rumbled into Leeds on Friday to be confronted by a Radio 1 Stage more packed than at any point across the rest of the weekend. This lot really could have headlined judging by the turn out and atmosphere and if Gallows can head up the Lock Up Stage, surely this was the time and place for Pendulum’s big moment.

Throughout this set few were able to stand still even if they’d wanted to. There were circle pits a plenty even right to the back and spilling out of the tent. ‘Slam’, ‘Propane Nightmare’ and ‘Granite’ triggered special reactions, as did the now obligatory version of ‘Voodoo People’ which Pendulum remixed for the Prodigy and earned the Australians a significant leg up towards mainstream exposure.

The nature of the beast with acts like this is that they can appear a little one dimensional in their sound. Not that most in the Radio 1 Tent cared and this was as much about the occasion as the setlist, a continuation of one hell of a summer for the drum and bass boys from down under.