Bond like heroics!

Goldfinger draw one of the biggest crowds of the weekend into the Lock Up tent for their brand of lightweight punk. They’ve built a steady following over the last 14 years and today they show just why that is with a really accomplished set. The difference between them and preceding act Tiger Army is marked; more energy, more dynamics and a more urgent delivery all contribute to what is a master class in how to work a festival crowd.

They engage the whole crowd early on with some big shout along choruses, mixing old and new songs with ease from the ska tinged ‘Get Up’ to a pretty stunning rendition of ‘Open Your Eyes’. There’s plenty of movement up on stage and the whole performance is bristling with energy being both vibrant and entertaining. With this kind of crowd they just can’t go wrong and they prove that they are easily up to the challenge. By the time ‘Superman’ comes along they have scaled new heights with the crowd almost drowning out the band!

The only downside to the set today is that what was probably the biggest and most impressive wall of death ever seen on this stage can’t be seen from my vantage point. Singer and guitarist John Feldman does a fine job in working the crowd but it’s drummer Darrin Pfeiffer that steals the day when he gets a guy from the crowd to eat a twinky from between his butt cheeks! It’s all very entertaining and it just adds to the feel good factor that they have created today. It’s already one of the sets of the weekend before they totally rip it up with their version of ‘99 Red Balloons’. I really wasn’t expecting Goldfinger to be this good but they have just destroyed everyone else on this stage today with what is just an awesome performance.