Faster Pussycat Faster!

Hailing from California Tiger Army are a three piece psycho Billy punk band featuring Nick 13, Geoff Kresge and James Meza and they make a big noise! They usually have a double bass but there’s some problem with it today and they revert to a standard bass guitar, much to their annoyance but it was that or not play the show.

They start slowly today with the bass coming over as little more than a rumble and the odd dropped beat early on. By and large the material is mid paced and melodic and they go down well with the crowd but the reaction is more appreciative than ecstatic. The problem they have today is that they have to follow an excellent set from The Unseen and they just can’t match the intensity or the energy and whilst the odd song comes close there are others like ‘Devil Girl’ that are just bog standard punked up rock & roll and are really rather dull.

Mid way through their set and it’s all too slow and lacking any punch, they just never really get going and for the crowd it’s frustrating. The longer they go on the less remarkable they become with the songs being so simple that any 13 year old kid in his bedroom could have written them. They do get a small pit going for ‘Fuck the World’ but quite a few (myself included) have already lost interest and it’s merely a glimmer of hope in a sea of mediocrity. They finish off with ‘Never Die’ and leave to decent but under whelmed applause.