Since when was pink a good colour?

Bit of a late start for the Mystery Jets. Is it a technical fault? Has Seasick Steve sabotaged the rigs (he had decided to take a peak at this band)? Is it all the keyboards and synthesizers? Who can say? Will it be worth it?


Well, I did start off with the best of intentions. And it's a big crowd. Really big for this time on this stage. Im not totally crushed but there's something about this band that draws in the kids.

I wasn't aware new romantics were making a come-back? Either that, or it's 'Murph and the Magic Tones' save the brass section. They certainly have that look if not quite the sound. The music is smooth, poppy indie. It is quite smooth and relaxing and there is a definite grove. It's not attacking or abrasive and I must admit I like that. But yes, keyboard and synth heavy this band is. The band clearly like what they are playing and the crowd seems to as well. It is rather crunchy and one can fall into it, but it is too boring for this type of event. I feel like falling asleep; there's no hooks and no definable format to really hang your hat on. It doesn't grip you quite right. Since it lacks the attack, largely, we are left with something that has quite a few good ingredients but seems to be a bit bland overall.