Another great set - 'nough said

One of the stars of the Lock Up Stage in 2007 were back for more twelve months on, with a decent crowd awaiting them and why not as King Blues are one of the best live bands to play Leeds and Reading this year.

In 2007 ‘Under the Fog’ came as part of the climax, but being one of King Blues more traditional punk offerings it’s a perfect way to launch the set. The good news is there’s new material on the horizon, with two of the highlights from this half hour being the irresistibly catchy rock of ‘Let’s Hang the Landlord’ and the ska-fueled new single ‘My Boulder’.

The political edge was as always right at the heart of what the King Blues are about, the crowd were once again encouraged to shout “fuck off!” to the BNP. They as ever though balance the message with the desire to put on a party, Jonny Fox working his audience as well as any on this stage across the weekend. The set concluded with Fox leading a mass sing-along of ‘Taking Over’, splitting the crowd and getting left and right to bellow the chorus line of ‘taking over, taking over, taking over again’ at each other.

It’s an uplifting way to round off another excellent performance from the King Blues. The band are lined up to support Rancid on some of the punk legends dates in November, an ideal opportunity for them to take another step up the ladder to well-deserved wider success.