Bored now!

I was informed that this band sounded good. I was promised good things. I was let down.

The band walk on and I can feel my heart drop. I'm trying not to be so assuming and embittered with the Indie genre. Perhaps this band just likes wearing tight jeans and stripy tops because it feels comfortable? Perhaps they dance like an electrocuted Zebedee because they are happy and full of love?

Perhaps not.

They kick off with the normal, generic, Brit-Indie bollocks that sends me to sleep. But I persevered. Their next track actually began to show signs of improvement, with a some catchy licks and a sleazy take to it. The band is fairly tight but the vocals remain shouted and lacking in any real skill. The beats are repetitive and fast, with a couple of slow sections thrown in. This is not what I'd call 'fluid and dynamic'; it suffers from the typical indie style of one solid fast beat and one monotonous slow beat. Yes, this band know their instruments but I won't be rushing out to buy their album anytime soon and I don't think this crowd will either.