In two minds?

Well, when this band started off, I thought we were going to be witnessing a good, old fashioned punk band with some new stylings and a fresh attack on all that is conformist. Certainly, the opening track has a pretty hard edge and it seems to be drawing in more and more people as it goes on. However, this doesn't occur. We get a vocal switch in the second song when the shouting and growling gives way to a much more Emo sounding whine. It's getting less punky by the second.

It seems to be reverting to Emo style vocals where the sound is generally tinny when the vocalist tries to sing bit actually rather, speaks. Then he shouts to get a hard edge it sounds ok but somewhat forced. The riffs are quite aggressive though with plenty of distortion, veering the band away from indie-dross. This band isn't getting the crowd moving but they are drawing more people in. By the fourth song, we are back into a good, heavy pace with a few nice solos thrown in for good measure. There's some good energy from the band and it's beginning to rub off on the crowd.

There's a good bit of banter from the band, with their distinct Irish twang. Closing with "Everyone needs a Nemesis", dedicated to Reverend and the Makers, the smoother vocals are back. I'm in two minds about this band, and I think that's because this band is also in two minds.