Don't worry. Nothing illegal here!

Wandering around the stage areas, I stumble across this band and decide to give them a listen. I'm quite attracted and simply drawn in which is rare at a festival such as this. Red Light Company are a standard 4 piece with a male lead singer and a female backing vocalist on bass. Their style is not quite indie; in fact I'm reminded quite a lot of Placebo. There's a certain hint of melancholy and low keys but still keeping a pop edge to it.

The crowd in the tent is pretty small. Perhaps it's because it's early or maybe everyone is getting ready for Henry Rollins. Who can say? I am surprised because this band isn't boring. They play quite tight and they seem more dynamic with their sound than some of the previous bands here. There's a little bit of keyboard backing in some of the tracks which gives the tune an almost soulful edge. The vocals are more hight pitched now but aren't shouted like most indie-dross. The cheers are quite earnest; the crowd aren't moving but they do like what they are hearing. "Work Harder" has a good use of jingling bell samples in the background leading into a much more upbeat song to finish.

This band are a good example of what the pop scene can achieve and a good start to the day.