V Festival 2008

The final day at a festival is always the hardest. When mud is at its deepest, hangovers linger like the grey clouds above and all you crave is that hot bath back home. Which is why Sunday demands, nay NEEDS The Futureheads and their sprightly take on indie pop.

Remember first hearing Decent Days and Nights, with its exuberant clutter of carefree vocals and blitzkrieg drums; that is why we fell for them in the first place. Indeed the debut singles remain the highlights just when the sun graciously decides to make an appearance. Lest you forget they actually released an album only a few months previous, as Radio Heart reminds us of why there should still be a place for them.

Their enthusiasm is perhaps misplaced for despite imploring for some bouncy, bouncy action in the mud before Skip To The End their audience are simply too knackered for anything close to exercise. They try yet again by playing The Beginning of The Twist which starts with the lyrics “It’s time to wake up, It’s time to change, Let’s get it started” and at this time of day it almost comes across as a direct request for participation. Thankfully the request largely succeeds, even if that participation consists of the adolescents at the front kicking mud amongst themselves. Whilst Carnival Kids plays out by the band and directly in front of them they slink off without much fanfare to Manray. Their popularity may have diminished but festivals still need The Futureheads.