Bringing back some personal truthes

What can be said about Henry Rollins that hasn't already been said? He seems to be doing his spoken word thing everywhere these days. I never really knew much about Black Flag or anything like that really so I can't particularly comment on such things but I have been intrigued by what his spoken word might be. I was expecting poetry or something similar but no - what it is, is an obvious political statement delivered with an anti-american stance.

But it is funny!

Yes, Rollins is powerful in his delivery. Despite almost being 50, he's looking good for his age and still has a lot of energy in his delivery. We are treated to some interesting stories about not all Americans being bad, trips to Iran based on George Bush's advice, Iranian Woman telling him to settle down, Van Halen gig stories involving Art Galleries, Cat Stevens and Terrorist cells and much, much more. It's funny stuff, with a story behind it. There are some annoying hecklers or people shouting their own propaganda which is simply just annoying but the majority of the crowd are really getting into it.

he is preaching to the converted really and perhaps, if he said that the Lemmings were tasty, people might just actually believe it, simply, because it's Henry Rollins. It's debatable of course but there is that slight element of hype. Non-the-less I'm enjoying myself and a lot of other people are too.