L of a gig

So Dave Draiman enters the stage as good ‘ol Mr Hannibal Lecter, resplendent in face grille, strait jacket and Post Office trolley, which was jettisoned for a one piece penitentiary overall ensemble, therefore we must be in for a good night, mustn’t we?

Not one of my most favourite bands ever, but I was REALLY looking forward to seeing Disturbed. I loved the first two albums, but after that I was wondering if they were a bit ‘samey’. Only because Mr Draiman has a very distinct vocal style which is nigh on impossible to change. But that’s the soul of Disturbed I suppose

They powered into the opener ‘Perfect Insanity’ and the sound was very crisp and clean especially from Dan Donegan’s Guitar. After longer inspection it was almost an audible duel as to who could be the louder, vocals or guitar. Now I was sat front, almost centre in the circle, and it was difficult to hear bass or drums. The snare drum should cut right through me at a gig, and the bass usually has enough oomph to make my trousers shake, but was unusually lacking. But I might add this did not hamper the audiences response who treated Disturbed like gods. Perhaps it was just me then (and me bud Terry). It was a metal gig sponsored by Domestos / Clorox if you’re reading this in the US (too practised and clinical)

Now surprisingly I was quietly impressed with Draiman’s vocal prowess. The bloke can actually hold his own and belt out a note or two (but didn’t need the help of the sound desk to sustain and echo his long notes). On 'Liberate' he was brill, and got the crowd (like Shinedown) into a double fist pumping cardio workout. I sware I have never experienced the balcony to shake like it did.

Crunching riff followed crunching riff into such anthems as ‘Just Stop’, ‘Voices’, one of my highlights, ‘Prayer’ and ‘Indestructable’. Next up (and I wasn’t expecting it) was Genesis’ ‘Land of Confusion’. I can make a few Phil Collins references here, but the best I can do is that Draiman looked like a death row Collins! Oh, and I’d never expect Devil Horns on ANY Genesis song, ever!

As the gig went on, it was all too clinical for me, like something was missing. Guitar was heavy, but it felt to me like it needed a rhythm guitar to fill in the sound for Dan’s great efforts. From the mid/late section onward (‘The Night’) Draiman’s voice was suffering a bit. Not making excuses for him, but he does put his chords through a punishing assault, and I suppose something has to give.

Early career belters followed in ‘Remember’ and ‘Stupify’ and ‘The Game’ before departing. ‘Into the Fire’ followed for the first song of the encore. At his point I had to leave but I’m guessing what came next, so I won’t! Ok ‘Down With The Sickness’ and the ‘waa-a-a-a!’

It was a good gig but I was expecting so much more. That’s probably my problem. The crowds reaction was completely adoring and passionate, so what do I know.