High Jinx

First things first, The Antix is a rubbish name, stick it in Google and you’ll be presented with a host of bands sharing the same name, all thinking it sounds good, which it doesn’t.

That aside, this particular brand of Antix are a young looking bunch from over the hills in West Yorkshire and today they happen to be the first band we catch at this years In The City festival. Usually Dry Bar is quite well populated on the Sunday afternoon of ITC but today The Antix are up against it as there can’t be more than twenty people in attendance (& that includes Mums & Dads!).

The small stage doesn’t give them much room to move about and that doesn’t help the performance with only singer Grace and lead guitarist Mafro (presumably named after his Hendrix style hair) really making any effort to get into it. The music however is a different story and they pull out some good, choppy riffs, mixing agit pop with the odd Led Zep styled riff. What really makes the band however is Grace, not just because she’s easy on the eye but because she has a great voice that displays a highly impressive range. Low down you can hear shades of the Lunachicks but even at the lower end of her range her voice is strong and when she takes it up an octave or two and holds the note, you can’t help but be impressed.

The longer they play the better they sound (although the mix isn’t great), proving that whilst they don’t really have any killer tunes yet, they do have a strong repertoire and can easily hold their own on this stage. Well worth checking out and we may well find ourselves back in Dry Bar in November when they return.