Need live bullets!

Manchester four piece Deadly Brotherhood of the Gun draw a decent crowd for their In The City fringe slot at Jabez Clegg and first impressions suggest they might be onto something. DBOTG play hard edged rock with the odd touch of dirty blues thrown in and they make a nice, fat noise.

Singer Matt Henning has a good voice that fits the style well and he’s backed up by some solid guitar work from Tom Fye. So far so good, the sound is better than most have managed on this stage today but something’s not right, despite the material being pretty good with some tasty riffs the band just don’t seem to get into it at all. There’s just nothing going on up on stage and it makes them very dull to watch.

They do mix in some faster songs and these really take them up a notch with some catchy riffs and whilst simple they work very well. Still however there is no movement on stage, which is a shame because they have the potential to really impress if they can put the same energy and drive into the performance that the songs possess. Maybe this is just an off day but tonight at least they need a firecracker up the ass!