The Crying Game

We first ran into Onions at In The City two years ago and whilst they didn’t blow us away we quite liked their pleasant and melodic upbeat indie. Not a lot has changed really, they still ply the same trade and to their credit they get a decent audience in the Attic, a place where in the past we’ve seen bands play to no one but us and the support acts!

Onions deliver a polished set of catchy, feel good indie and have fun with it, the drummer in particular rarely stops smiling. I seem to say this about every band I’ve seen today but the harmonies are excellent once again and really give Onions another dimension. So the singer/guitarist looks a bit like a bearded Buddy Holly but he knows his stuff and even throws in the odd bit of harmonica.

The only down side is that the between song banter is terrible, they just mumble away into the mic and you can’t understand a word of it. That aside it’s a good showing from Onions and whilst they still don’t blow us away they grow on us a bit more and we can think of plenty worse places to round off the second day of In The City.