Apparently The Krak were the first band ever to play on the Orient Express, nice. Today we find them in the back of Walkabout bar, not one of Manchester’s premier live music venues to say the least but there are quite a few punters in, albeit spread out.

The Krak are a four piece that play quirky off beat indie rock and they’re not half bad. They put on a great performance and are clearly enjoying themselves with plenty of amusing interaction with the crowd, particularly a couple of guys at the front who dance around like loons the whole way through. They mix up styles nicely throughout the set, even managing to get a spot of Russian style ska in there. Good choruses, catchy riffs and a thoroughly engaging performance make them one of the finds of the festival. The guitarist even ventures out into the crowd and dances on one of the tables mid song, much to everyone’s amusement. Not to be left out, the drummer spends half the set standing up (yet still managing to play) and it’s smiles all round.

Vocals are shared between the two guitarists and the interplay works well, adding good dynamics that are more than complimented by the music. There are little hints at influences and at times a heavy does of Cardiacs but generally they seem to have developed their own sound. The sound is good, the band are great and everyone’s sorry when they have to finish and there aren’t many bands around at In The City that I can say that about.