One great band supporting another

Bursting with American attitude and crammed with passion and energy come Boys Like Girls. The last thing I heard of them was when they supported Plain White T’s at London’s Astoria back at the beginning of the year. Now they return in another support manner, this time at Wembley with Fall Out Boy as the headlining act.

To support such a huge band, Boys Like Girls had to have enough energy to psych the crowd up for the following band. When it comes to working the crowd, the lads are incredibly energetic and use every section of the stage remarkably well, move about with freedom and creativity, balancing upon the front platform to get a better view of the crowd and for the crowd to get more intimate with the band.

The most amazing sight of the set was the performance of ‘Thunder’. With an assembly of mobile phones, lighters and glow sticks raised above the heads of the crowd, it was breathtaking how many individuals were sitting/standing and paying attention to the four lads from Boston, Massachusetts.

Performing an array of hits from ‘Hero/Heroine’ to ‘Dance Hall Drug’, hard rock anthems to gentler songs that send tingles through the audience and having Pete Wentz support them on their concluding number, Boys Like Girls gave 110% on their set and did an excellent job and getting the crowd hot for the following act.