A gig with distractions

When I went to see the SOLD OUT You Me At Six gig at the Astoria recently, I was expecting to see some British “wannabe famous” support acts. Never did I expect a couple of American bands; especially considering the duration You Me At Six have been hitting the music scene.

Power pop/punk band Houston Calls was the second band to hit the stage so the crowd were already pretty excited and wound up as the band began their set. This consisted of loud and powerful tunes being performed by five fellas from New Jersey. They worked the stage pretty well, moving around and not remaining stationary; keyboardist Okie came out from behind the keys many times to encourage clapping and singing from the crowd.

The set that these guys put on was actually pretty difficult to concentrate on. This was because of the many circles taking place in the crowd below. Groups of hyped up teenage individuals bounding round, pushing each other, falling to the ground and really just having a blast was at times more intriguing than the band themselves. Having said that, even with the distractions, the band received much well deserved applause for an impressive set.