Farewell hit the Astoria

Putting a little bit of class and a whole lot of attitude into their performance, Farewell gave this support slot their all. Supporting a growing band like You Me At Six can not be easy, especially for an American band. But regardless of the nation, Farewell played hard and fast and got everyone in the building to look towards the stage with attention.

Hailing from North Carolina, this six piece bought upbeat pop-rock tunes to a crowd wailing for more come the end of the set. Admittedly at first glance they may have looked a little peculiar; the band members didn’t seem to mesh as one as most bands do. Vocalist Marshall Davis looked like he had a bad evening hidden behind hat and sunglasses; the band had Dead Eyes guitarist Martin Cagle playing keyboard due to theirs leaving a few months ago. Having said that, they did seem to play the scene well.

They performed a number of songs, ‘Anchors Away’, ‘War’ where the keys were more evident, ‘Cut You A New Smile’ and the very catchy ‘Zelda’. What seemed to be the most well known track to the crowd was ‘Eighty-Eights’ which happens to be the bands recent single.

UK fans may have heard about these guys through myspace like I did, but they are making a huge impact now they are hitting our shores.