High energy rock.

The weather recently has been particularly rubbish so it’s a pleasant surprise to see a reasonable crowd for FWW’s Cardiff date. Things usually get pretty hectic for the Derry mob and while tonight might be a little more temperate it’s hardly sedate. Cahir’s banter is as topical, cutting and as funny as always; moving from the recent snowy trouble to Iggy pop’s “disgusting” new insurance adverts and really breaks the ice (no pun intended).

They play tracks from their album, ”Man Vs Monster” which is a refreshing blast of unpretentious punk-rock with catchy, memorable tunes, hyperactive rhythms and heavy riffs that you can dance to. Live they carry over that no nonsense approach, no stupid haircuts or skinny jeans in sight, just great tunes played really well by three guys who obviously love what they are doing, and that’s one of the things that stays with you long after you leave one of their shows.

Filled with what seems like boundless energy, FWW are fun and exciting to watch, blasting through tracks like ‘Sugar’ Craig’s powerful drums are complemented by Cahir on guitar, throwing out often complex riffs which he makes look so easy; it’s often shocking how loud and full they sound for a three piece. ‘Strength in Numbers’ is melodic and measured but shot through with moments of heavy abandon. They also throw in a new track which sounds great, fitting in well with their other tunes and not breaking the mood. In the final run ‘Cut the Transmission’ as always, throws the crowd into disarray, it’s fast, melodic and full of a mass of brilliant riffs. You just can’t help screaming along and that’s what everyone does.

The energy levels are sky high at the end of the set, and even though the cries of “more” fall on deaf ears the atmosphere is not dampened at all. FWW are guaranteed to leave you with a smile on your face and a song in your heart.