Deaf Havana get intimate

Deaf Havana is an energetic, power mad band that put on quite a set. While joining All Forgotten on tour in March, they made a pit stop at Islington’s Bar Academy and were surrounded by a warm welcome from the crowd.

Squeezing five lads onto the minute stage was quite a job, especially with one singer becoming very active on stage and another becoming engrossed in guitar while singing. Throughout the night each band followed a post hardcore ambiance with Deaf Havana getting the combination of music, vocals and atmosphere just right; their performance made an evening complete.

These guys were able to put across some very catchy choruses, such as ‘You’ll Never Know Friends Like These’, that while on a CD would grab your attention, live, grasp your concentration and keep you engrossed, excited and eager to hear more. Other interesting songs included ‘Keep It Sunny Side Up’ and ‘They Call It The Easy Life’ and they really get you hooked.

Energy wise, these lads are loaded to the brims with an energetic, enthusiastic and very dedicated manner, and put on a great performance.