Glamour of the Kill go wild

I am not sure whether the Electric Ballroom has ever seen such an evening of powerful performances than when Glamour of the Kill joined Wednesday 13 on their last night of the tour.

A cracking and suspenseful entrance made way for Glamour of the Kill to knock the brightly coloured stripy socks off the crowd. The wooden floor vibrated so much as the band blasted through their set that my toes were tingling within my socks. The music made me catch my breath and with lights flickering I felt high on life.

They were the only homegrown talent on the tour and made the most of it. Fans were overwhelmed with energy as Glamour of the Kill paraded through old and new tracks including ‘Voices’, ‘We Lose Ourselves to Memories’ and ‘If Only She Knew’. The most outstanding performance though had to be of the track I first fell in love with when I saw them play Subverse at the Underworld back in March 2008. ‘Rise From Your Grave’ was the best ending the guys could have ever wanted.

Lead singer Davey Death is an outstanding vocalist. His gentle yet demanding voice powered through the tracks accompanied by the rough voices of Chris Carnage and Mikey Massacre, which when placed side by side, make the songs ones you never want to end.

Sweaty and breathless, this is how glamour of the kill left the stage and much of the crowd in the same manner, sweaty, breathless and very impressed by what they had just witnessed.