Classic Metal from the mean streets of Edinburgh

Scottish group Firebrand Super Rock are a little more accessible in sound than their predecessors on the third stage, but lack none of the fire. And being fronted by the amazing Laura Donnelly they draw a fair share of both positive and negative attention. But they’re clearly used to it, deftly quashing the quick heckle of “You’re hot!” before they’re even started. All heckles were quickly silenced within the first blast of sound, which seemed to stun most of the room. Whatever they were expecting, it wasn’t what they got.

The crowd reaction to their particular brand (no pun intended) of straightforward metal is fantastic, for mid-afternoon in a British pub. Clearly influenced by a lot of classic metal like Priest, Sabbath, and Maiden, the Firebrand lads have perfected a technique of bass and guitar mirroring each other, which creates a huge sound. While being fronted by what sounds like a female Dio. Female fronted metal bands are nothing new, but Firebrand bring something else to the mix, they work as a group, feeding off each other perfectly, rather than as a singer who happens to be backed by a group. And that energy is incredible.

Incidentally, they’ve got some amazing tunes. Songs like ‘Pickin’ The Bones’, and ‘Drop D Destroyer’ balancing that fine line between power and melody with apparent ease. It’s very likely we’ll be hearing more of Firebrand Super Rock soon, as they already have a self-titled EP out.