Popular progressive metal keeps the energy flowing

It’s all change again as progressive metallers TesseracT take to the stage. It’s just late enough in the day for the first real moshpit to start up during their set, which is always a good sign, especially for such a tiny stage. Either the crowd really loves the music, or they’re starting to get tanked up after 4 hours of the place being opened. Or, more likely, both.

Fact is, they suffered from having to follow Firebrand Super Rock, especially when it came to the vocals. After some pretty interesting starts to their songs, for the most part it’s generic hammering that makes for excellent moshpits, but does nothing to distinguish the band from everything else going on.

But the energy in the room was amazing. The group totally fed off the energy of the moshing fans, even joining in with the crowd at the end. They even worked through some technical difficulties with the sound, being the only group I heard where the amps kept feeding back constantly, but they seemed to thrive on it, or just ignore it. It may not have been the most technically brilliant set of the afternoon, but I don’t think anyone was worried.