Lethal new death metal golden boys

I’m pretty sure not even Trigger The Bloodshed themselves are quite sure how they managed to be the first band on the main stage when HammerFest really starts to get going. Not only that, they’re also playing a small set on the smallest stage the next day. There’s a lot riding on this for the Death metallers from Bristol, and they intend to take full advantage of it.

They may be one of the youngest bands of the weekend, but what they lack in years they make up for by releasing pure hell onstage. The crowd adores it, almost immediately forming a circle pit resembling a more violent version of Ben Hur’s chariot race. The brutal ‘Laceration’ and the defiant ‘Retribution’ prove that pure Death metal is alive (if that’s not a contradiction in terms) and most definitely kicking out against the horrors of the modern world. New track ‘The Scourging Impurity’ is quick to be adopted as a fan favourite, its lethal buzz showcasing a band that’s constantly developing its sound. Ok, so it’s not big and definitely not clever, but it’s undeniable that they excel at what they do.

They’re a compelling watch, completely focused and intense, and an unexpectedly heavy start to proceedings. These are metal’s new golden boys, and their current Great Depression tour can only cement that reputation.