New day, new bands... catch these guys before they record

The late night and early morning sunshine must have got to everyone, as the turnout on a Saturday morning is very muted. So the Americanised teenage mall-rock of Everything Burns at lunchtime in the Queen Vic is appreciated. They strike a pretty good balance between wishing they were on a bigger stage, and actually remembering they’re playing to a pub crowd.

Think My Chemical Romance meets a bit of Blink 182, and you’re along the right lines. Songs include the anthemic ‘Stars’ and ‘Home’, which seem to revive the few people who have turned out to see them somewhat. They’re also one for a bit of shameless self-promotion, which isn’t a bad thing. Who doesn’t have a MySpace page these days? And as these guys are about to record their debut album, being at HammerFest, even if they’re not on at a particularly good time of day, is a real bonus for them.