New hardcore/screamo on stage 3

Having overheard people predict great things for the relatively new hardcore/screamo band Many Things Untold, it’s also possible to see fans wandering around in their T-shirts already, which apart from the bands themselves, we’ve not seen much of for bands playing the small third stage.

MTU combine heavy scream vocals with clean backing vocals to great effect. With their original singer apparently hospitalised, they’re lucky enough to have found a decent replacement so they can keep their slot here this weekend. Although quite why the new singer needed to charge up and down the already small stage, and continually shake the lighting stand is beyond me.

Although they had a few tuning issues in the middle of their set, MTU draw a considerable crowd with their reliable hammering and squealing. It was a shame only a couple of people indulged the singer’s request to actually move while they were playing, but it isn’t the best time to be playing. It was just a tad easy to phase out of the performance at times too. But full credit to their drummer who did an excellent ending.