End with a BANG!

It was the last night of their UK tour for Madina Lake and what better way to conclude an already successful tour than with a SOLD OUT show at Camden’s Electric Ballroom.

It has been just over a year and a half since we felt the Madina Lake presence through the London music scene. With this performance though, they well and truly made up for their time away. Just as I remembered from seeing them at the Forum, these lads are completely full of energy, never standing still for a moment’s breath and are more than capable of putting on a memorable and completely stunning performance.

It is their eye for small details that make them stand out. They don’t just think about giving it their all in a performance and make the most of their time on stage. They aim to get the crowd involved and excited and the way of doing this on this occasion was the release of huge, and I mean HUGE paper filled balloons that sprung back and forth through the crowd and onto the stage.

Having just released their new album ‘Attics to Eden’, this gig gave the band a great opportunity to demonstrate some of their new material such as ‘Never Walk Alone’, ‘Lets Get Outta Here’, the addictive ‘Welcome To Oblivion’ and the amazing new single ‘Never Take Us Alive’ as well as give the fans some firm favourites from ‘From Them, Through Us, To You’, which included the sensational ‘Here I Stand’; it was this tune that seemed to create the largest, warmest and craziest response from the crowd.

Madina Lake has a static energy that gives you shivers down your spine, blocks out everything in your surroundings and makes you want to move along to in your own little world. As Nathan and his brother Matthew swept across the stage, it was this intimate appreciation of the fans coming out to see them and offering their support that made the gig such a success and they were told this on numerous occasions.

I was so impressed by this performance, so appreciative of the music these guys are creative that I’ve put in my order for the new album and if you have any music taste at all, you’ll be doing the same.