Last minute sensations

Originally the Audition was not on the bill for supporting Madina Lake on their recent UK tour. But, when Kill Hannah pulled out, they were right there waiting to step in, and to be honest they seemed better suited.

The crowd welcomed the pop/punk/rock combination the Audition displayed as they performed. The consistent sharp guitars were addictive, but what made the set unusual however was the bands complete lack of effort. There were no flashy lights, amazing antics or anything rather remarkable. Simplicity was what the band were able to rely on when performing and it was actually appreciated. They looked as if they were just pulled off the streets of Camden and bundled onto the stage last minute, consequently they couldn’t even take their jackets off.

When it came to the music, the tracks they performed were from previous albums as well as a couple from the new self-titled release, like the new amazing single ‘My Temperatures Rising’. Being a sold out gig meant being squished like a pickle in a jar, but with lead vocalist Danny Stevens’s melodious vocal presence and the simplicity of the set, you were left with a warm blanket atmosphere, as if being pulled in hypnotically and wrapped in a duvet with a hot chocolate while being serenaded as he belted out tunes such as ‘Lawyers’, ‘You’ve Made Us Conscious’, ‘The Way You Move’, ‘Warm Me Up’ (which they certainly did) and ‘Over My Head’.

A pleasant surprise occurred when Josh from You Me At Six popped onto the stage to join the band as they concluded their last song ‘Don’t Be So Hard’. He didn’t make much of an impact, but the crowd certainly appreciated his presence; it was the perfect ending to the set.