Give it your all...

When I first took notice of Flood of Red, they were a band often described as post-hardcore and slightly screamo. But, after seeing them perform at Camden’s Electric Ballroom where they supported Madina Lake on their recent UK tour, I found this description rather unsuitable.

The first thing that popped out at me regarding their music was how unpredictable it was. Their set consisted of a wide variety of genred music. There were some songs with electro beats present, the guys let loose some post hardcore screaming through others but what remained consistant was the rock edge. As long as you enjoy music that is loud and fun to listen to then you would find contentment in this set.

When it comes to performing, Flood of Red was a band on a mission to entertain and enthral a crowd with their dramatic performance. The guys were given the ability to draw energy from the crowd right from the start. From the moment that the lead singer leapt into the crowd on the first song, a statement of energy was put across, causing the crowd to get wild and rowdy and made the stage lively. The most amazing part of the bands set was the concluding outro. The way in which they concluded their set was incredibly inventive and was quite something to watch. I noticed towards the end some of the band members left the stage only to appear again with drums. This showed creativity and the way in which they became in sync with each other showed their practise was well worth the time and dedication they must have put in.

Flood of Red has been working on releasing some new material, which should be ready this summer. I’m sure it will be just as entertaining as their performance was.