None of the chit chat

You never really know what to expect from support acts. Sometimes they can be quite awful and you really just wish the main band would come on. But on other occasions, like this one, you can really appreciate the music and the performance from a band you have only just heard of.

Fin was a very powerful, energy building, driven four piece and made up of Luke Joyce on vocals and guitar, Johnny Garner on guitar/piano, Kerry Lambert on bass and Simon Harding on drums. They started off with a very mysterious entrance to the stage, which built the anticipation of the crowd. As the music kicked in slow but quite dramatically, the flashing of lights added to the mystery, but honestly just hid the band in darkness for much of the first song. Once unmasked and they got further into the set, their music sounded larger and really got hearts pounding with the heavy guitar riffs while the atmosphere got more intense. It was refreshing to hear a band focused on the harder side of things perform a subtle ballad very well. Credit should be given to Fin for their powerful presentation of the more upbeat tunes, but also for their ability to create a softer song.

Fin sure know how to present themselves and gave an amazing performance. Where many bands take time out to thank the crowd and make a lot of “it’s a pleasure to be here” speeches, Fin did nothing of the sort, beside introduce themselves briefly. They gave more time to expressing themselves though the music and less time babbling. Well done lads and I can’t wait to hear more from you.