Breaking Out

Middle Class Rut are a two piece (drums & guitar) from Sacramento, not exactly the White Stripes but some way from Winnebago Deal too! It’s a slow start for them but they do succeed in building quite an impressive sound that is both melodic and intense albeit mid paced.

There are a couple of hundred in the Tuborg tent for their mid afternoon slot and most seem to be glad they made the effort as the nicely worked harmonies start to evoke comparison with the later work of Jane’s Addiction. Rather amusingly they request not the usual circle pit but a diamond pit! Nice idea but it doesn’t happen. They are pretty easy on the ear despite their post rock leanings and give a visually entertaining performance, particularly when they kick on into the higher gears.

Recent EP ‘25 Years’ is a highlight and they’ve done enough in their half hour to display real promise. They aren’t the finished article just yet but they’re on the right track.