Watch Out Grandma

Never ones to do things the conventional way original thrash metallers Lawnmower Deth start their set by smashing up one of the guitars! The fact that this act is carried out by one of them dressed in full clown rig out gives you an idea of what’s in store. This is only their third gig since their return from a 15 year hiatus and they surely can’t have been expecting the kind of reaction they got.

They pack out the Tuborg tent and needless to say the crowd give them a fantastic reception. Sounding far more palatable than I remember them being back in the day they unleash a host of classic thrash including such gems as ‘Did You Spill My Pint?’, ‘Sumo Rabbit’, ‘Icky Ficky’ and the always amusing ‘Watch Out Grandma’. The between song banter is funny and entertaining and the interaction with the crowd is fantastic, there can’t be anybody in this tent that doesn’t have a smile on their face!

The tunes are classic thrash and certainly live up to the standard of this stage, think Municipal Waste meets the Stupids for a bun fight and you get the idea. The band are having so much fun wheeling around the stage and beaming at each other that it seems a shame for it all to end but after they get the crowd to do a Mexican wave, the weird fish dance, join in with the clown to sing ’King of the Swingers’ and make metal snails with their hands, so it must. The finale consists of the 3 second master piece ‘Fuck Off’, which is preceded by a count up to 20 at which point three guitars get simultaneously smashed on the stage. A fitting end to one of the sets of the weekend; hilarious, entertaining and surprisingly tight musically. I was going to say if last year belonged to Saxon this year is Lawnmower Deth’s, but then Thunder came on…