So long, farewell, adieu

When Thunder announced they were splitting up following a farewell tour after 20 years in the business I didn’t shed many tears. I’ve run into them on several occasions over the years and they’ve just never really done it for me. Today at their ‘secret’ performance in the Tuborg tent I still don’t care for their polished brand of old school rock/metal, it’s all a bit unexciting and obvious but my opinion counts for nothing today as there are 5000 people rammed into the tent and spilling out of the sides that will vehemently disagree with me!

From ‘Dirty Love’ onwards everybody is in the mood for this and it has to be said that the crowd are just awesome. There’s no hiding the delight on the faces of the band as they look out over a see of raised hands and get pretty much every line sung back at them. Every song is greeted with huge cheers and in return the band turn in a great performance; whether you like the music or not you have to appreciate a band that is as tight as Thunder and tonight they just rip it up like it was 1989 all over again. Twenty years together has turned them into a finely honed unit and it really does show with a pretty flawless performance.

They could have played anything tonight and it would have been rapturously received but when they play ’I Love You More than Rock And Roll’ it’s surprising the metaphorical roof stayed on the tent! I’ll never be a fan but I’ll give them this one, if last year’s Download belonged to Saxon then this year it’s all Thunder’s. A fine way to bring the curtain down on their Donington career.