Knuckle Dusters

Brisbane’s Violent Soho pull a smallish crowd for a midday slot in the Tuborg Tent. It’s exciting times for the indie rock four piece, having just signed to ecstatic Peace/Universal US and with a new album on the way.

As they go into ‘Jesus Stole My Girlfriend’ there are distinct SubPop influences coming through but despite being formed 5 years ago their performance today is still a bit amateurish and sloppy around the edges. There are long silent gaps between the songs and after 4 or 5 songs they just seem to be trying far too hard to sound like the Pixies. When they let rip they show real promise and there are some good tunes in there but the slower songs are a bit weak and obvious. Visually they really go for it, which holds the interest even if it does result in bass player Luke Henery falling over in the last song!

It’s a short set and there’s enough in there to generate interest but there are plenty of creases to iron out and they only generate polite applause as they leave.