Speedy Pikies

It’s Sunday, it’s just about afternoon, everybody is hungover and it’s too damn hot but just as we’re wondering if we can be bothered with the day Bristol’s Turbowolf arrive on the Tuborg stage with a riotous, colourful blend of fast paced melody. They make an immediate impression with a high energy and catchy opening, the odd keyboard part and inventive bridges making it all the more interesting.

In Chris G they have a great front man who bounds around throughout and constantly works the crowd (albeit with limited success at times!). It really is hard not to like these guys (not that we’re trying!) as with ‘Put the Fire Out’ and ‘Come Back tomorrow’ they consistently deliver good riffs and catchy songs. They really are a breath of fresh air on this stage, it’s energetic, vibrant, entertaining and their short set certainly leaves us wanting to hear more.

Turbowolf turn out to be one of the discoveries of the weekend and the perfect way to kick off a Sunday afternoon.