Brink of Success?

The blistering sun is helping with crowds in the Tuborg tent as punters seek a bit of shade, so there’s a good turn out for rockers Dear Superstar. After ten years together things are finally starting to take off for these guys, signing to Demolition and touring with Papa Roach & Buckcherry were the stuff of dreams just a few years ago and playing Download is surely the icing on the cake.

We’ve seen Dear Superstar live several times over the last few years but the sound they get today is better than we’ve ever heard them; it’s crisp and loud and it’s good to see them on a stage of this size. As they work through ‘Brink of Destruction’ and ‘Diseased and Distraught’ it’s clear that they’re not about to waste this opportunity with vocalist Micky Satiar and guitarist Adam Smethurst both working the stage and crowd well. They go down pretty well and the only downside is a rather ill conceived comment from Satiar that precedes the impressive ‘Live Love Lie’.

The songs are hard edged rock & roll with strong choruses and easily heavy enough to hold their own on this stage, infact I suspect ‘Raised Voices & Confrontations’ has never sounded heavier. They save the best until last with the anthemic singalong ‘Brothers In Blood’ and whilst they don’t manage to get those near the back of the tent to stand up, the hardcore of fans near the front of the stage give them a great reception. It’s another step along the road and Dear Superstar continue to win over new fans, job done.