Goddamn Mofo's

Now I confess I knew nothing about Steel Panther until I saw a billboard advert for their new album ‘Feel the Steel’ that featured the tag line ‘We fucked your Mom in the 80s’! That alone was enough to get me down to the Tuborg tent along with 5000 other punters, probably the biggest crowd for any band on this stage all weekend.

With their 80s glam rock stylings I’m ready to dismiss them as the worst case of dated cock rock that I’ve ever encountered but once they hit the stage they prove to be one of the highlights of the whole weekend! The on stage banter is hilarious, as are the lyrics, particularly ‘Community Property’, which features the classic line ‘My heart belongs to you but my cock is community property’. Other gems include ‘Asian Hooker’, ‘Party All Day (Fuck All Night)’ and the genius ‘Turn Out the Lights’ (‘Turn out the lights before you suck my dick, cos someone’s beaten you with the ugly stick’). Yes it’s all very highschool toilet humour but it’s well done and as musicians they really are excellent. As a parody of the genre they completely nail it from the tunes to the big hair, make up and spandex.

The biggest cheer of the set is reserved for the anthem ‘Death to all but Metal’, which has all the classic elements you’d expect of 80s glam metal with squealing guitar solo’s and high pitched vocals and a big chorus. The crowd love them and even if the music isn’t to your taste you can’t help but raise a smile at the lyrics and the banter. Unfortunately there are so many people crammed into the tent and spilling out of the edges that I don’t actually get to see much of the performance but it doesn’t matter, they sound great, they’re funny as fuck and there’s no argument from anyone here that this is one of the sets of the weekend.