It’s hard to believe Therapy? are on album number 12 but the majority of the crowd here seem to be familiar with all of them as they get a great reception and easily fill the Tuborg Tent. The Northern Irish outfit (with one from England!) centred around the charasmatic Andy Cairns look visibly pleased to be here and he has clearly lost none of his enthusiasm.

Despite the reaction it takes them a while to get going tonight, ‘Clowns Galore’ and ‘Turn’ both fall a bit flat despite the bass sounding great. On previous occasions Therapy? have grabbed us from the start and turned in the kind of performance that illustrated just why they are held in such high esteem. Maybe it’s the set list tonight but they are frustratingly low key lacking pace and drive and even the die hards in the crowd that were jumping up and down at the beginning seem somewhat subdued now.

‘Innocent X’ is better and towards the end they do pick it up but it’s not until the rousing final trio of ‘Potato Junkie’, ‘Screamager’ and the timeless ‘Going Nowhere’ that they really deliver the kind of performance we know they are capable of. It’s a rousing finale but overall we’ve seen them do far better but the crowd here will always have their backs and you just can’t buy that kind of loyalty.