This is for the mentally damaged

Hardcore Superstar have been around for some time now and are one of a strong contingent of Swedish bands here this weekend. They hit the second stage like they mean business, immediately endearing them to the crowd. Singer Jocke works the stage well and never stops playing to the crowd, it’s all good PR!

Hardcore Superstar play hard edged rock and roll with good melody and some fine lead guitar work, all topped off with classic rock posturing. The sound is a bit rough in the verse making it difficult to pick the tune out on occasion but they more than counter this with an energetic performance. ‘Medicate Me’ and new song ‘Shades of Grey’ keep it going until they go into clear crowd favourite ‘We Don’t Celebrate Sundays’. The big singalong chorus is just what’s needed to rouse a midday crowd and they’ve proved to be a good draw for such an early slot.

They’ve used their half hour well and displayed the kind of enthusiasm that is likely to get both them and the punters coming back.