Less is More

Watford’s None The Less get a pretty small crowd by the order of the day in the Red Bull tent but they’re certainly not put off as they explode onto the stage in a whirl of limbs and guitars.

It seems pretty clear early on that they reside in the Gallows/Ghost of a Thousand melodic hardcore camp, complete with the usual throwing guitar move! The melody comes largely from singer Ant Ginnaccini Backed with screaming vocals from guitarist Owen Harvey. They seem to have brought most of the crowd with them today as the question ‘who’s from Watford?’ is met by raised hands from most of the punters. Launching into current single ‘Define’ it all looks good although it’s hardly groundbreaking.

There’s some solid guitar work and you can’t fault the energy but they seem to be lacking a big tune or ten. They get better as they progress although there’s still a little naivety about them that has me in two minds. The crowd however have firmly made up their mind and they even manage a small pit of 10 die hards, which gets bigger on request from Ant but soon falls apart. All in all it’s been a good performance and with stronger material they could be up there challenging the hardcore heavyweights but there’s work to be done.