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Essex boys Fei Comodo get a good reception in the Red Bull tent and start the bouncing before the intro music finishes! They’re a young looking band but they exude an air of confidence well beyond their years.

It might only be the first song but their brand of polished melodic hardcore gets the crowd jumping straight away. Rather impressively singer Marc Halls maintains the tune despite crowd surfing during the second track and the way they blend hardcore riffs with good melody is impressive. The energy is infectious and it’s probably a god thing they only get half an hour today as both band and crowd would drop from exhaustion were it any longer. It’s not all full throttle however and when they throw in the odd mellow interlude it breaks things up nicely and highlights the contrast going into the heavier parts.

If there’s criticism to be had it’s that on occasion they get unnecessarily complicated and a tad messy. They finish as they started however, in style and they even manage an impressive wall of death. Good stuff and tight enough to warrant a bigger billing next time around.