A performance that was more than worthy of a bigger stage!

The heat did nothing to deter the army of Loganites from taking over the 1000-capacity Red Bull tent on the Sunday afternoon at Download festival: hundreds had also gathered outside! Scottish flags waved and “Logan” chants filled the air as the crowd waited expectantly for the Glaswegian hard rock band to start their Download debut.

As Logan exploded onto the stage, the crowd roared: the energy in the tent was electric! The set kicked off with ‘Something Else’ from the album ‘Welcome to the Wasteland’ before the band showcased two impressive new tracks, ‘Rock n’ Roll Way’ and ‘Brother’. The crowd were invited by vocalist Kenny Collins to rock out to favourites from the ‘Cruel Little World’ album, ‘Hallowed Ground’ and finally, the beautiful anthem ‘When I Get Down’. Every person in the tent was singing along to the chorus!

As always, Logan delivered a flawless performance. Al and Steve Reilly (guitarist and bassist respectively), along with guitarist Mick Coll, tore up the stage whilst Kenny Collins’ gritty vocals were captivating: powerful yet bursting with emotion. The set was professional and solid; a performance more than worthy of a bigger stage!

The Logan boys were gracious, thanking the crowd for their support. They appeared genuinely surprised at the huge turnout and fantastic reception they had received.

Keep a very close eye on this band, they definitely have the capability to be headliners in the near future!