Friday Night Fever

Tragedy (as singer Barry Glibb repeatedly informs us) are the number one heavy metal tribute to the Bee Gees in the world! They take to the stage complete with tight spandex trousers, silver jackets flying V guitars and fluffy winged backing singers! This should be interesting.

They kick off with ‘Night Fever’ and pretty much the whole crowd breaks into a smile as the novelty of the situation takes hold. The first thing that hits you is that they certainly have the voices to carry this off, the second is that they can certainly play and the way they rework such classic tunes is both amusing and skilfully done. Not surprisingly they go down well as they pull out hit after hit; ‘Jive Talkin’, ‘Grease’ (retitled ‘Lube’), ‘Staying Alive’ and of course ‘Tragedy’ all get the treatment and benefit from some fine solo guitar work.

It’s not all good however, the third ‘brother’ is a pretty pointless addition. He bounds around the stage aimlessly, contributing little in the way of vocals or guitar and becomes increasingly annoying. I mean come on, he doesn’t even have any spandex! Admittedly towards the end the novelty does start to wear off and their thirty five minute set is probably enough but just as you think they have nothing left to offer they wind it up to an impressive finish with a high tempo finale and blistering guitar solo. For today at least it’s good fun and perfect to get people in the mood for the headliners.