Been there, done that

Local boys Stars of the Search Party take to the stage in the Rocksound Cave for a mid afternoon slot and get a decent crowd in. The sound is way too quiet but the mix is good and lets the keyboards come through well above the post hardcore riffage.

It’s an enthusiastic performance with singer Rob in particular turning in a lively showing. The music is well done and there’s some solid musicianship on display but it’s pretty generic melodic hardcore. There’s nothing here that we haven’t heard many times before as they work through track like ‘Culprit’ and ‘Ignorance Knows Best’. As you’d expect there are lots of take downs and crunchy choruses and it’s easy to see why they go down well and have built a solid local following.

There isn’t much to dislike here, it’s solid and enjoyable enough although Rob’s voice is a little weak in the quieter parts. As they finish with ‘Vanity Scars’ you have to wonder however if there is room for yet another band of this ilk?